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9 Happy Things: March to May 2019

Life was a blur these past few months! I keep saying this because I've been finding it hard to cope and I felt like I was drowning in checklists and things to go to. And while I thought I'd get better after another bout of confidence issues (which I mentioned in my last post), I… Continue reading 9 Happy Things: March to May 2019

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February Komiket 2019

As someone who used to draw once in a blue moon, diving headfirst into joining an art group (please check SumiKami out) and participating in an artist market is wild. Past me would have had the Surprised Pikachu meme face had she been told of this decision. Even current me is still unsure of what… Continue reading February Komiket 2019

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playlist no. 4: the quiet in between

when - you're on a bus, you're in bed, you're alone in a quiet place, it's raining, you're the star of the drama playing in your head, or maybe you're just like me and you're in the mood for slow songs and ballads https://open.spotify.com/user/ojixcvtbzxlbf8u73c66zdbrh/playlist/1JZ9gsqcRwejJJ4XxM1iWr?si=mNv23OrmRUGPVE3xH_XVdA spotify: link Hello, I've been going through a whole mess of… Continue reading playlist no. 4: the quiet in between

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collection: my birthday loot

  My birthday was last March and I decided to commemorate the occasion by adding new stuff to the nerd collection. This haul marks a lot of firsts - my first nendoroid, my first game console (that I bought with my own money!), and my first Card Captor Sakura item - and I'm still hyped… Continue reading collection: my birthday loot

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currently: February

[February is the month where I discovered I'm really into egg waffles.] A summary of February = it happened. No, really.  Now, it's just gone. It came and went. My bingo card is slightly fuller by 1 circle, in other news: I'm gonna do better this March. Much, much better... Maybe? Hopefully? Note: I'll be… Continue reading currently: February

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currently: January

(Oprah voice: You get a cat photo! Everyone gets a cat photo!) First month of the year = done! Can you believe it? My brain functions on office time and thinks time is passing by too fast. Interestingly enough, the rest of the world thinks differently - according to Twitter. Still, I did pretty okay… Continue reading currently: January

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log: money diaries (or, how I budget)

A la Refinery29 and every other lifestyle blogger out there, haha. I did include in a list from before that I wanted to talk about trying to adult and budgeting is one of the things that had been hardwired into my system since college (I got this crazy idea to pay for all my textbooks… Continue reading log: money diaries (or, how I budget)