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9 Happy Things: January 2019

Hello, friends, for the second time this year! I can’t believe it’s already February and Komiket will be upon me soon. All that I can say about that particular matter: I’m still not ready. I’m doing better now, physical health-wise. Still not 100% mentally but I’m getting there. This is pretty much the point of… Continue reading 9 Happy Things: January 2019

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playlist no. 4: the quiet in between

when - you're on a bus, you're in bed, you're alone in a quiet place, it's raining, you're the star of the drama playing in your head, or maybe you're just like me and you're in the mood for slow songs and ballads https://open.spotify.com/user/ojixcvtbzxlbf8u73c66zdbrh/playlist/1JZ9gsqcRwejJJ4XxM1iWr?si=mNv23OrmRUGPVE3xH_XVdA spotify: link Hello, I've been going through a whole mess of… Continue reading playlist no. 4: the quiet in between

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2018 kpop picks: January to March

Hooray for another year of kpop goodness! I honestly think the quality of music up there in South Korea just keeps getting better and better. I really should start putting more effort into learning Korean at this rate. I really should. There's just something about Korean music that has kept me an avid follower for… Continue reading 2018 kpop picks: January to March

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playlist no. 3: oh shit, it’s 4 am

when - you're lying in bed in the dark, you're the only one awake, consumed by your thoughts, your mind can't seem to quiet down, you can't sleep, you think about what ifs, you check your phone and you realize it's late, oh shit why am I still awake https://open.spotify.com/user/ojixcvtbzxlbf8u73c66zdbrh/playlist/7apadDplLfwkJXTObOmcA4?si=W2OuI5k3SQ6buIV28xDRRA spotify: link There's just something so… Continue reading playlist no. 3: oh shit, it’s 4 am

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playlist no. 2: musical faves

to you - may today gift you with something you'll come to enjoy, may it become a piece of who you are, something to learn about the puzzle that is you https://open.spotify.com/user/ojixcvtbzxlbf8u73c66zdbrh/playlist/7fPLp9pPJrxE12gKbBoU9x?si=maWAVXLaSpa2rwQ8mtG94w spotify: link One thing about me: I am very, very fond of musical theater and films. It might be kind of old-school or you'd… Continue reading playlist no. 2: musical faves