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9 Happy Things: February 2019

Whew, hello! I'm still alive. Actually, I've got the new BTS album blaring through my brother's fancy headphones and I'm LIVING (even if it's almost 4 AM here as I'm typing). I guess I'm faring pretty well. Okay, reality check: I'm currently having confidence and motivation issues but the only way to deal with that… Continue reading 9 Happy Things: February 2019

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currently: January

(Oprah voice: You get a cat photo! Everyone gets a cat photo!) First month of the year = done! Can you believe it? My brain functions on office time and thinks time is passing by too fast. Interestingly enough, the rest of the world thinks differently - according to Twitter. Still, I did pretty okay… Continue reading currently: January


favorites: 02

It'll be March next week (yayyyy, birthday month)! February has been kind of fun and hectic but I'm so ready to say goodbye to it because of all the plans I have lined up for March. reads 01. Played catch-up and read a whole bunch of manga the past few weekends: Sekine-kun no Koi is a good slow-burn… Continue reading favorites: 02