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9 Happy Things: February 2019

Whew, hello! I'm still alive. Actually, I've got the new BTS album blaring through my brother's fancy headphones and I'm LIVING (even if it's almost 4 AM here as I'm typing). I guess I'm faring pretty well. Okay, reality check: I'm currently having confidence and motivation issues but the only way to deal with that… Continue reading 9 Happy Things: February 2019

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9 Happy Things: January 2019

Hello, friends, for the second time this year! I can’t believe it’s already February and Komiket will be upon me soon. All that I can say about that particular matter: I’m still not ready. I’m doing better now, physical health-wise. Still not 100% mentally but I’m getting there. This is pretty much the point of… Continue reading 9 Happy Things: January 2019

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My 2018 Reading Challenge

2018 is the year I managed to complete my Goodreads reading challenge! It's been years and I've never once completed a single one. Yes, never. And I've joined the site in 2014. My reading mojo simply never recovered after college killed it. Since then, my short attention span can never quite manage too many possible preoccupations… Continue reading My 2018 Reading Challenge


favorites: 02

It'll be March next week (yayyyy, birthday month)! February has been kind of fun and hectic but I'm so ready to say goodbye to it because of all the plans I have lined up for March. reads 01. Played catch-up and read a whole bunch of manga the past few weekends: Sekine-kun no Koi is a good slow-burn… Continue reading favorites: 02


collection: my manga & more

Before I got started down the rabbit hole of kpop albums and merchandise, I've been slowly building on my collection of manga & graphic novels. No big hauls or anything, just a volume every now and then. I admit I feel a bit sad but I can't support my kpop habit and this one at the… Continue reading collection: my manga & more