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9 Happy Things: February 2019

Whew, hello! I'm still alive. Actually, I've got the new BTS album blaring through my brother's fancy headphones and I'm LIVING (even if it's almost 4 AM here as I'm typing). I guess I'm faring pretty well. Okay, reality check: I'm currently having confidence and motivation issues but the only way to deal with that… Continue reading 9 Happy Things: February 2019

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2018 kpop picks: January to March

Hooray for another year of kpop goodness! I honestly think the quality of music up there in South Korea just keeps getting better and better. I really should start putting more effort into learning Korean at this rate. I really should. There's just something about Korean music that has kept me an avid follower for… Continue reading 2018 kpop picks: January to March

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2017 kpop picks: July to December

Better late than never! [bangs on pans] I'll be honest: I forgot all about this until I started pinning 2018 songs. Kpop time moves too fast. My July to December 2017 board has a total of 46 pins and that's just the tip of the ice berg - let's not forget to factor in that… Continue reading 2017 kpop picks: July to December