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Favorite Eats: April to June 2019

Heya, it's another food post! I'm bopping along to Florence + The Machine at Tiny Desk Concert and Big God while writing this (I love her music), so it more than makes up for the allergy I had to deal with at the office. Song Do Won Restaurant Location: S Maison, Conrad Manila, Seaside Boulevard Corner Coral… Continue reading Favorite Eats: April to June 2019

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favorite eats: January to March 2019

Food post incoming! It's probably not the best idea to do this while I'm worried about my weight gain, but here we go! Torch Restaurant Location: Trinoma Mall, Bagong Pag-Asa, Quezon City (other locations) Links: Zomato, Munchpunch, Facebook My mom and I celebrated our birthdays by eating out and watching Captain Marvel afterwards. It was so much fun.… Continue reading favorite eats: January to March 2019

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9 Happy Things: January 2019

Hello, friends, for the second time this year! I can’t believe it’s already February and Komiket will be upon me soon. All that I can say about that particular matter: I’m still not ready. I’m doing better now, physical health-wise. Still not 100% mentally but I’m getting there. This is pretty much the point of… Continue reading 9 Happy Things: January 2019

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Favorite Eats: January to March 2018

More food posts! More good grub! I probably gained weight again but who cares, FOOD. 2018 started out great for me - I visited new places and tried new stuff. Here's a quick post on my favorite eats from this quarter of 2018 (because I've been potato-ing recently): Boulangerie22's Red Velvet Frappé Branch: SM San Lazaro… Continue reading Favorite Eats: January to March 2018

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Favorite Eats: 2017 Edition

The extent of my adventurous spirit mostly exhibits itself as my hobby of trying out new restaurants/food. My palate is one of the things that make me feel really happy about myself. You can say that it’s something I’m steadily growing. It’s an exercise in acceptance (or even tolerance). It’s also an exercise in knowing… Continue reading Favorite Eats: 2017 Edition