playlist no. 2: musical faves

to you - may today gift you with something you'll come to enjoy, may it become a piece of who you are, something to learn about the puzzle that is you spotify: link One thing about me: I am very, very fond of musical theater and films. It might be kind of old-school or you'd … Continue reading playlist no. 2: musical faves


currently: January

(Oprah voice: You get a cat photo! Everyone gets a cat photo!) First month of the year = done! Can you believe it? My brain functions on office time and thinks time is passing by too fast. Interestingly enough, the rest of the world thinks differently - according to Twitter. Still, I did pretty okay … Continue reading currently: January

Favorite Eats: 2017 Edition

The extent of my adventurous spirit mostly exhibits itself as my hobby of trying out new restaurants/food. My palate is one of the things that make me feel really happy about myself. You can say that it’s something I’m steadily growing. It’s an exercise in acceptance (or even tolerance). It’s also an exercise in knowing … Continue reading Favorite Eats: 2017 Edition

playlist no. 1: beautiful, my secret garden

to you - may today be a breath of fresh air, a sigh of a growing quiet in your heart, peace in heart and mind, may you bloom like a flower, please keep growing beautiful I hope you like this small collection of songs. It's all mostly girl groups (with a stray Doyoung) because kpop … Continue reading playlist no. 1: beautiful, my secret garden

What’s in a kpop hoard? (December 2017 edition)

Aaaahhhhh, I can't believe the last kpop hoard post I did was in August and I may have just jinxed myself with it. I mentioned getting my BTS Summer Package and Dreamcatcher's mini last time but there had been a Customs fiasco and my DC mini-album is still trapped there. 😦 Note: If you like buying kpop … Continue reading What’s in a kpop hoard? (December 2017 edition)

fanart diary: picking up old hobbies

I used to be really into drawing, especially when I was still in school, and I have boxes and envelopes of scraps of all the paper I've ever doodled on. Once I started working, the last instance I ever drew for a significant amount of time was Inktober 2015. After that, nothing. A few bits … Continue reading fanart diary: picking up old hobbies

favorites: 05

No, I didn’t forget about this blog (but it was a close thing, hahahaha). I'm out on sick leave so I'm trying to be productive here. I haven’t written about stuff I’ve been liking or gone through in a while and I sorta missed it. This time, some of these don’t exactly qualify as favorites … Continue reading favorites: 05

log: money diaries (or, how I budget)

A la Refinery29 and every other lifestyle blogger out there, haha. I did include in a list from before that I wanted to talk about trying to adult and budgeting is one of the things that had been hardwired into my system since college (I got this crazy idea to pay for all my textbooks … Continue reading log: money diaries (or, how I budget)

What’s in a kpop hoard? (August edition)

I've got some new kpop stuff lined up (2017 BTS Summer Package Vol. 3 and Dreamcatcher's After version of their 1st mini-album) so why not do an entirely unnecessary post about the kpop collection I've been working on for a while now? It was also the perfect opportunity to clean up my desk and shelves. … Continue reading What’s in a kpop hoard? (August edition)