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Favorite Eats: July to December 2018

I know I'm supposed to do these posts by quarter but it turns out I don't have a lot of new favorite places in Q3 last year. This means we're in the final run for 2018, yay! Isshin Location: 1024 Arnaiz Ave., San Lorenzo, Makati Links: Zomato, Munchpunch Looking for someplace with good food and where you can hang… Continue reading Favorite Eats: July to December 2018


Hello, 2019 + 8 Happy Things From 2018

A late New Year's greetings to everyone! How're you? 2018 turned out to be really eventful for me, and I can only hope that this year will go the same way for me. It's looking like this one is shaping up to be one in which I’ll be out of my depths for a good portion of it.… Continue reading Hello, 2019 + 8 Happy Things From 2018

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My 2018 Reading Challenge

2018 is the year I managed to complete my Goodreads reading challenge! It's been years and I've never once completed a single one. Yes, never. And I've joined the site in 2014. My reading mojo simply never recovered after college killed it. Since then, my short attention span can never quite manage too many possible preoccupations… Continue reading My 2018 Reading Challenge


Kpop Album Packaging: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Disclaimer: This is just for fun, I don't know much about manufacturing, and I'm only going to be focusing on the kpop albums that are currently sitting on my bookshelves. Beware of bad photos a-plenty. I've thought of doing this early on, when my Dreamcatcher mini album came home, but I'm not quite sure what… Continue reading Kpop Album Packaging: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

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Favorite Eats: April to June 2018

Welcome to my backlog flex! I've got more food posts coming your way! Definitely a bad idea for someone who started going to the gym (yes, I know - who is this creature?) but let's go! The Corner Market Location: 2F The Podium, Ortigas Links: Facebook The Corner Market is easily one of my most favorite… Continue reading Favorite Eats: April to June 2018

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Cosplay Mania 2018: 180929 Report

My first convention in ages! The last one I went to is Cosplay Mania back in 2016 and that was because I volunteered as staff. This time around, I was a simple con-goer armed with funds to buy all the things and have all the fun to be had. And oh boy, I sure did… Continue reading Cosplay Mania 2018: 180929 Report

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Season of GFriend in Manila: 180826

Long overdue post! A lot of things happened but I'm in a good headspace now. And so, I'm back with more of the fun stuff! I went with friends to go see GFriend at their first Manila solo concert and I'm really glad I went. The girls are such great performers and I might've been… Continue reading Season of GFriend in Manila: 180826

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playlist no. 4: the quiet in between

when - you're on a bus, you're in bed, you're alone in a quiet place, it's raining, you're the star of the drama playing in your head, or maybe you're just like me and you're in the mood for slow songs and ballads spotify: link Hello, I've been going through a whole mess of… Continue reading playlist no. 4: the quiet in between


#growaworld challenge: the forest time once knew

I've been away for quite some time and I'm trying to become active again. This time, I'll be trying something different! Twitter is a fun place for new ideas and projects, so when I came across the #growaworld challenge, I wanted to participate for once and do something creative again. I didn't want to draw… Continue reading #growaworld challenge: the forest time once knew