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My 2018 Reading Challenge

2018 is the year I managed to complete my Goodreads reading challenge! It's been years and I've never once completed a single one. Yes, never. And I've joined the site in 2014. My reading mojo simply never recovered after college killed it. Since then, my short attention span can never quite manage too many possible preoccupations… Continue reading My 2018 Reading Challenge


Kpop Album Packaging: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Disclaimer: This is just for fun, I don't know much about manufacturing, and I'm only going to be focusing on the kpop albums that are currently sitting on my bookshelves. Beware of bad photos a-plenty. I've thought of doing this early on, when my Dreamcatcher mini album came home, but I'm not quite sure what… Continue reading Kpop Album Packaging: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

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currently: February

[February is the month where I discovered I'm really into egg waffles.] A summary of February = it happened. No, really.  Now, it's just gone. It came and went. My bingo card is slightly fuller by 1 circle, in other news: I'm gonna do better this March. Much, much better... Maybe? Hopefully? Note: I'll be… Continue reading currently: February