What to watch: High School Lunch Cook Off

Do you like cooking competitions like Masterchef and Chopped? Do you want to watch a show that takes it up to eleven? Maybe High School Lunch Cook Off (TVN, 2019) is the show for you. It definitely is for me and I want more seasons of it. I even procrastinated on finishing the last episode, … Continue reading What to watch: High School Lunch Cook Off

self-care for good health!

I've belatedly found out through Twitter that International Self-Care Day was last month and I'd just like to grab the chance to say that I hope you're remembering to take care of your mental, emotional, and psychological health. Always remember to practice self-care when you are in need of it! In my opinion, it doesn't … Continue reading self-care for good health!

playlist no. 4: the quiet in between

when - you're on a bus, you're in bed, you're alone in a quiet place, it's raining, you're the star of the drama playing in your head, or maybe you're just like me and you're in the mood for slow songs and ballads https://open.spotify.com/user/ojixcvtbzxlbf8u73c66zdbrh/playlist/1JZ9gsqcRwejJJ4XxM1iWr?si=mNv23OrmRUGPVE3xH_XVdA spotify: link Hello, I've been going through a whole mess of … Continue reading playlist no. 4: the quiet in between

playlist no. 3: oh shit, it’s 4 am

when -ย you're lying in bed in the dark, you're the only one awake, consumed by your thoughts, your mind can't seem to quiet down, you can't sleep, you think about what ifs, you check your phone and you realize it's late, oh shit why am I still awake https://open.spotify.com/user/ojixcvtbzxlbf8u73c66zdbrh/playlist/7apadDplLfwkJXTObOmcA4?si=W2OuI5k3SQ6buIV28xDRRA spotify: link There's just something so … Continue reading playlist no. 3: oh shit, it’s 4 am

What’s in a kpop hoard? (December 2017 edition)

Aaaahhhhh, I can't believe the last kpop hoard post I did was in Augustย and I may have just jinxed myself with it. I mentioned getting my BTS Summer Package and Dreamcatcher's mini last time but there had been a Customs fiasco and my DC mini-album is still trapped there. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Note:ย If you like buying kpop … Continue reading What’s in a kpop hoard? (December 2017 edition)