Don Quixote: 180211

Aaaah, my first ballet! It was a toss-up between getting tickets to see Don Quixote and Kinky Boots but mom and I have never been to a ballet before. We already missed out on La Luna Roja (thanks to our work schedules) and we didn't want to miss out on another show. I'm so glad … Continue reading Don Quixote: 180211



The PCD is strong with this one. In case it's not obvious, I'm too far gone for BTS. I love those boys. They're such beautiful and talented human beings, which is why I try to make it a point to see them whenever they come do a show. As I've mentioned previously, I attended both … Continue reading 2017 BTS LIVE TRILOGY EPISODE III: THE WINGS TOUR IN MANILA (May 6 + 7)

First Love Party: 170305

"What's this party thing?", you might be asking. In kpop, it's part of the fandom culture to celebrate your faves' milestones, like birthdays, anniversary dates and achievements. It might seem weird but it's a great avenue for fans to stay involved and openly express their appreciation for their favorites. First Love Party is mini-fan gathering … Continue reading First Love Party: 170305

One K Global Peace Concert: 170302

I still can't believe March 2 came and went by so fast that I'm already ticking another item off my happenings list.ย One K Global Peace Concert was so much fun and it's such a great feeling to have helped a good cause. I love music and if music is the way to unity between the … Continue reading One K Global Peace Concert: 170302

Wicked in Manila: 170205

I've grown to have a real liking for musical theater in my teens but have only started seeing them live last year when mom and I went to see Les Misรฉrables (a great live musical introduction!). Honestly, I thought it'd be a one time thing BUT I GUESS NOT. Musical theater, for me, is fun, colorful, vibrant and wonderful. Wicked is that and more.

PTX World Tour in Manila 160925

I went with my friends to see Pentatonix last night and it was such a good show! Everyone in the group is seriously talented - if being able to do a two-hour show with just a capella isnโ€™t talent, I donโ€™t know what is. Just, pro-tip to self: if you donโ€™t want to deal with … Continue reading PTX World Tour in Manila 160925

AsiaPOP Comicon 160826-160828

I was a volunteer crew member for the con! It was hard work but rewarding and I had plenty of fun. Highlights: My haul of art prints - check out the WTNV prints and my Robin boyfriends! Assisting for Hall Mโ€™s Marvel Showcase and getting one of the exclusive Hall M prints they gave to … Continue reading AsiaPOP Comicon 160826-160828

MBC Show Champion in Manila 160903

I've also posted this on Tumblr first but I figured I might as well share all the major occasions of my life last year here. Lo and behold, more fangirling and feels - this time in several bullet points! Aaaah, MBC Show Champion - so soon after Epilogue but worth it. I got to see … Continue reading MBC Show Champion in Manila 160903

ํ™”์–‘์—ฐํ™” ON STAGE: EPILOGUE IN MANILA 160730

I've already shared this on my Tumblr before but Epilogue in Manila was really something special and, as my first concert ever, is now dear to my heart that I also want itย here, in my newย space. Beware of a massive flood of feels and sentimental litanies. This was my first everย concert! Iโ€™m really glad I … Continue reading ํ™”์–‘์—ฐํ™” ON STAGE: EPILOGUE IN MANILA 160730