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Favorite Eats: April to June 2019

Heya, it's another food post! I'm bopping along to Florence + The Machine at Tiny Desk Concert and Big God while writing this (I love her music), so it more than makes up for the allergy I had to deal with at the office. Song Do Won Restaurant Location: S Maison, Conrad Manila, Seaside Boulevard Corner Coral… Continue reading Favorite Eats: April to June 2019

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favorite eats: January to March 2019

Food post incoming! It's probably not the best idea to do this while I'm worried about my weight gain, but here we go! Torch Restaurant Location: Trinoma Mall, Bagong Pag-Asa, Quezon City (other locations) Links: Zomato, Munchpunch, Facebook My mom and I celebrated our birthdays by eating out and watching Captain Marvel afterwards. It was so much fun.… Continue reading favorite eats: January to March 2019

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Favorite Eats: July to December 2018

I know I'm supposed to do these posts by quarter but it turns out I don't have a lot of new favorite places in Q3 last year. This means we're in the final run for 2018, yay! Isshin Location: 1024 Arnaiz Ave., San Lorenzo, Makati Links: Zomato, Munchpunch Looking for someplace with good food and where you can hang… Continue reading Favorite Eats: July to December 2018

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Favorite Eats: April to June 2018

Welcome to my backlog flex! I've got more food posts coming your way! Definitely a bad idea for someone who started going to the gym (yes, I know - who is this creature?) but let's go! The Corner Market Location: 2F The Podium, Ortigas Links: Facebook The Corner Market is easily one of my most favorite… Continue reading Favorite Eats: April to June 2018

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Cosplay Mania 2018: 180929 Report

My first convention in ages! The last one I went to is Cosplay Mania back in 2016 and that was because I volunteered as staff. This time around, I was a simple con-goer armed with funds to buy all the things and have all the fun to be had. And oh boy, I sure did… Continue reading Cosplay Mania 2018: 180929 Report

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collection: my birthday loot

  My birthday was last March and I decided to commemorate the occasion by adding new stuff to the nerd collection. This haul marks a lot of firsts - my first nendoroid, my first game console (that I bought with my own money!), and my first Card Captor Sakura item - and I'm still hyped… Continue reading collection: my birthday loot

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playlist no. 3: oh shit, it’s 4 am

when - you're lying in bed in the dark, you're the only one awake, consumed by your thoughts, your mind can't seem to quiet down, you can't sleep, you think about what ifs, you check your phone and you realize it's late, oh shit why am I still awake spotify: link There's just something so… Continue reading playlist no. 3: oh shit, it’s 4 am

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Favorite Eats: January to March 2018

More food posts! More good grub! I probably gained weight again but who cares, FOOD. 2018 started out great for me - I visited new places and tried new stuff. Here's a quick post on my favorite eats from this quarter of 2018 (because I've been potato-ing recently): Boulangerie22's Red Velvet Frappé Branch: SM San Lazaro… Continue reading Favorite Eats: January to March 2018

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currently: February

[February is the month where I discovered I'm really into egg waffles.] A summary of February = it happened. No, really.  Now, it's just gone. It came and went. My bingo card is slightly fuller by 1 circle, in other news: I'm gonna do better this March. Much, much better... Maybe? Hopefully? Note: I'll be… Continue reading currently: February

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playlist no. 2: musical faves

to you - may today gift you with something you'll come to enjoy, may it become a piece of who you are, something to learn about the puzzle that is you spotify: link One thing about me: I am very, very fond of musical theater and films. It might be kind of old-school or you'd… Continue reading playlist no. 2: musical faves