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MSO Videogame Symphonic: 20190526

When I first heard that the Manila Symphony Orchestra would be having a video game concert during their Rush Hour Concert series at the Ayala Museum, I was miffed because those concerts are always on a Thursday and I worked afternoon to midnight. A concert featuring video game music wasn't something I'd want to miss.… Continue reading MSO Videogame Symphonic: 20190526

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Invitation from Nightmare City: Dreamcatcher in Manila 190324

I've been a fan of Dreamcatcher ever since their debut and I truly appreciate what they're bringing to kpop, so I got really pumped when I saw that they've got a Manila concert campaign on MyMusicTaste (if you want to bring your favorites to your city, this is the way to go). I didn't expect… Continue reading Invitation from Nightmare City: Dreamcatcher in Manila 190324

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February Komiket 2019

As someone who used to draw once in a blue moon, diving headfirst into joining an art group (please check SumiKami out) and participating in an artist market is wild. Past me would have had the Surprised Pikachu meme face had she been told of this decision. Even current me is still unsure of what… Continue reading February Komiket 2019

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The Phantom of the Opera: 190224

Finally, I was able to catch the elusive Phantom at the theater! I might not have a lot of love for the Phantom character himself (I may or may not have a lot of Opinions™ about him) but I do have a lot of appreciation for the production. It's such a high-quality show. The stage… Continue reading The Phantom of the Opera: 190224

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Cosplay Mania 2018: 180929 Report

My first convention in ages! The last one I went to is Cosplay Mania back in 2016 and that was because I volunteered as staff. This time around, I was a simple con-goer armed with funds to buy all the things and have all the fun to be had. And oh boy, I sure did… Continue reading Cosplay Mania 2018: 180929 Report

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Season of GFriend in Manila: 180826

Long overdue post! A lot of things happened but I'm in a good headspace now. And so, I'm back with more of the fun stuff! I went with friends to go see GFriend at their first Manila solo concert and I'm really glad I went. The girls are such great performers and I might've been… Continue reading Season of GFriend in Manila: 180826

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The Lion King: 180401

Mom and I went to see The Lion King earlier this month! The Disney movie is a big part of my childhood, so to be able to experience it again through the stage adaptation made me feel some type of way (I was taken aback when tears started running down my face during 'Circle of… Continue reading The Lion King: 180401

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Don Quixote: 180211

Aaaah, my first ballet! It was a toss-up between getting tickets to see Don Quixote and Kinky Boots but mom and I have never been to a ballet before. We already missed out on La Luna Roja (thanks to our work schedules) and we didn't want to miss out on another show. I'm so glad… Continue reading Don Quixote: 180211

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The PCD is strong with this one. In case it's not obvious, I'm too far gone for BTS. I love those boys. They're such beautiful and talented human beings, which is why I try to make it a point to see them whenever they come do a show. As I've mentioned previously, I attended both… Continue reading 2017 BTS LIVE TRILOGY EPISODE III: THE WINGS TOUR IN MANILA (May 6 + 7)