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self-care for good health!

I've belatedly found out through Twitter that International Self-Care Day was last month and I'd just like to grab the chance to say that I hope you're remembering to take care of your mental, emotional, and psychological health. Always remember to practice self-care when you are in need of it! In my opinion, it doesn't… Continue reading self-care for good health!

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9 Happy Things: March to May 2019

Life was a blur these past few months! I keep saying this because I've been finding it hard to cope and I felt like I was drowning in checklists and things to go to. And while I thought I'd get better after another bout of confidence issues (which I mentioned in my last post), I… Continue reading 9 Happy Things: March to May 2019

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MSO Videogame Symphonic: 20190526

When I first heard that the Manila Symphony Orchestra would be having a video game concert during their Rush Hour Concert series at the Ayala Museum, I was miffed because those concerts are always on a Thursday and I worked afternoon to midnight. A concert featuring video game music wasn't something I'd want to miss.… Continue reading MSO Videogame Symphonic: 20190526

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Invitation from Nightmare City: Dreamcatcher in Manila 190324

I've been a fan of Dreamcatcher ever since their debut and I truly appreciate what they're bringing to kpop, so I got really pumped when I saw that they've got a Manila concert campaign on MyMusicTaste (if you want to bring your favorites to your city, this is the way to go). I didn't expect… Continue reading Invitation from Nightmare City: Dreamcatcher in Manila 190324

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9 Happy Things: February 2019

Whew, hello! I'm still alive. Actually, I've got the new BTS album blaring through my brother's fancy headphones and I'm LIVING (even if it's almost 4 AM here as I'm typing). I guess I'm faring pretty well. Okay, reality check: I'm currently having confidence and motivation issues but the only way to deal with that… Continue reading 9 Happy Things: February 2019

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February Komiket 2019

As someone who used to draw once in a blue moon, diving headfirst into joining an art group (please check SumiKami out) and participating in an artist market is wild. Past me would have had the Surprised Pikachu meme face had she been told of this decision. Even current me is still unsure of what… Continue reading February Komiket 2019

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The Phantom of the Opera: 190224

Finally, I was able to catch the elusive Phantom at the theater! I might not have a lot of love for the Phantom character himself (I may or may not have a lot of Opinions™ about him) but I do have a lot of appreciation for the production. It's such a high-quality show. The stage… Continue reading The Phantom of the Opera: 190224

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9 Happy Things: January 2019

Hello, friends, for the second time this year! I can’t believe it’s already February and Komiket will be upon me soon. All that I can say about that particular matter: I’m still not ready. I’m doing better now, physical health-wise. Still not 100% mentally but I’m getting there. This is pretty much the point of… Continue reading 9 Happy Things: January 2019