favorite eats: January to March 2019

Food post incoming! It’s probably not the best idea to do this while I’m worried about my weight gain, but here we go!

Torch Restaurant

Location: Trinoma Mall, Bagong Pag-Asa, Quezon City (other locations)

Links: Zomato, Munchpunch, Facebook

In Z formation (top to bottom, left to right): soft-shelled crab salad, truffle sausage pizza, soft-shelled crab noritacos, and pumpkin soup

My mom and I celebrated our birthdays by eating out and watching Captain Marvel afterwards. It was so much fun. I think this also marked the first time I managed to treat my mom to a birthday meal. Hooray for adulting?

My favorite thing about Torch is that they have all our favorites: we both love truffles, mom loves pumpkin soup, and I have a preference for soft-shelled crab. Their menu is so varied that there’s bound to be something for everyone to enjoy.

I highly recommend the salad (it’s very filling and about 2 to 3 people can share it) and the pizza (truffles are awesome).

Tsuiteru Dessert Bar

Location: 1448 Prudencio St. Sampaloc, Manila

Links: WebsiteFacebook

tsuiteru 2
They have mall kiosks, I think. This was in Trinoma back in March.
I had a calamansi crinkle for dessert after eating at Torch (hehe).

I love tangy and sweet desserts like lemon bars and I was stoked to see a calamansi-based dessert that I had to get one after dining with mom at Torch. I didn’t eat it all at once, just putting out there. It came in handy because we had to wait in line for Captain Marvel tickets.

This is honestly one of those places that I wish would be more accessible. They have kiosks in malls, sure, but Trinoma is a long walk from the office. I know I should probably try their delivery service, but I’m also dead set on ordering the most expensive items (orange cranberry bundt cake and carrot cake) so it’s kinda hard right now.

I’ll see if I can do a follow-up in the coming months.

Jollie & Jellie Delights

Links: FacebookIG

Take your pick: classic, cookies & cream, ube keso or mango graham?

My mom brought home flavored leche flans some time in March and I was ecstatic! I like leche flan and I love the flavors for anything. My favorite now would have to be the mango graham with the oreo being a close second.

I would really recommend giving their flans a try, they taste so nice and are wallet-friendly! You can message them on their social media accounts for orders!

Balay Dako by Antonio’s

Location: Aguinaldo Highway, Silang Crossing West, Tagaytay City

Links: WebsiteFacebookZomato

balay dako 1
The curse of the Instagram story but hey, look at the breakfast spread! P.S. This is actually my mom’s plate because the food on mine was already half-gone at the time.

This is the one restaurant I was forced to wake up early for, but it was worth it. My family went for Balay Dako’s breakfast buffer when we were in Tagaytay for a weekend get-together and we had to be there before 7 AM. I think we were there an hour before even, they don’t take reservations so you have no choice but to line up.

And you have to be EARLY. No kidding, I got to capture the sunrise for once.

balay dako 2
Side story: The rest of my family insisted on taking group photos at the front of the restaurant when I wanted to look for a scenic view of Taal Lake to take a photo of. My mom and I were the only ones to go. Lo and behold, the sunrise. The point is: why go for building facade photos first when you can go for the fleeting sunrise? The building facade ain’t gonna leave.

If you go a bit late, you’re likely not gonna get in before the end of the breakfast period at 11 AM. We were there for probably almost 2 hours and there were still a ton of people (most seem like families like ours or large groups of friends) waiting to see if they can get in. I will say this one last time: Go. There. Early.

They offer a neat variety of breakfast food items (check out their website for the menu) but I was too sleepy and lazy to try out everything. I had my potentially weird-to-you omelette (it was a mix of mushrooms, tomatoes, and cheese – I will have literally nothing else in my omelette), bread, corned beef, fruits, and taho. I think I went for taho twice? I might have gotten some puto bumbong and bacon but I really can’t recall.

A big part of why I didn’t got to try everything is because of the looooooooong queue at the main course area. The alcove thingy dedicated to housing the area is too small for that many people queuing all at once. Well, the entire space for the breakfast buffet is small compared to the main restaurant’s dining hall, which they open for lunch and dinner. It makes sense, but it gets too crowded.

I want to come back to seriously try the buffet, then have lunch or dinner, and stock up on some more of my favorite jam, which is Antonio’s banana macadamia jam.

I like to pair the jam with Lily’s peanut butter (buy local, Lily’s is superior, and thick peanut butter is an atrocity to me). My family shamefully did not know the power of the PB&J sandwich and thought this was weird, but they have been converted. Some of them even got the jam AND the peanut butter.

They also have other jam flavors I might try next time: mango with hazelnut, orange with almonds, and Fuji apple. For now, I highly recommend the banana macadamia!

That’s it for the first round of my favorite eats this year! I admit these are fewer than from before but it’s become harder to eat out for the adventure of it now that I’m working mid-shift. My old “let’s experiment with my dinner” routine can’t work anymore because dinner is my work time.

I also need to eat healthier now because of my weight. I used to eat less when I was still at my old job (more sandwiches, salad wraps, and non-rice meals for lunch) and I’m eating rice almost everyday at my new job.

Maybe when I figure out my new food routine, there can be a change in theme? Hoho, we’ll see.

Thank you for reading!

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