Favorite Eats: April to June 2018

Welcome to my backlog flex! I’ve got more food posts coming your way! Definitely a bad idea for someone who started going to the gym (yes, I know – who is this creature?) but let’s go!

The Corner Market

Location: 2F The Podium, Ortigas

Links: Facebook

The Corner Market is easily one of my most favorite places now. Think of it as some fancy food hall (similar to the food hall – not the food court – in Megamall) with several stalls offering tasty meals. It’s become one of my go-to places for lunch at my old job.

Sultan Mediterranean Grill – Zomato
Special kebab platter with lamb kebab and beef koobideh

The lamb kebab is a nicely done medium rare and the koobideh is sooooooo good. If I can’t decide on anything new to try, I usually default to this one. All the thumbs up for this meal.

The Rabbit Hole – Zomato
Ube de Mercedes~

Goldilocks who? Red Ribbon? I don’t know her. This cake is where it’s at. Its only close rival to my stomach is the Mango Bravo cake by Conti’s but there’s just no winning against ube.

Each slice is made of the loveliest and mushiest ube halaya goo and I can probably eat an entire cake on my own. It’s that good.

Barcelon de Calderon – Zomato

I really, really like squid and it’s hard to get squid meals right. When restaurants make the perfect squid grub, it’s magical. I especially enjoyed both the paella and croquettes. To be honest, my only comment would be that the white sauce thing is too strong – it overpowers the food when you mistakenly put too much of it. Or maybe that’s just a “me” thing since I don’t really like most sauces.

Poké Poké

Branch: 2F SM Megamall, Atrium, Ortigas

Links: ZomatoFacebook

Okay, I know the spam musubi is a Western thing but honestly? It’s really tasty, I can probably eat it everyday. The unaju bowl is really nice, too. There’s a hint of spice there and the mix of vegetables adds texture. I love crunchy textures in foods and would usually resort to vegetable side dishes for extra crunch.

I ended up ordering it through foodpanda for some of my working lunch sessions, oops.

Linguini Fini

Branch: 3F Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall (apparently, it’s been permanently closed?)

Links: ZomatoMunchpunch

I’ve eaten at this restaurant before (early 2016, I think) so I recommended this place to my mom and baby bro. I had the pappardelle pasta and risotto balls before and both dishes were really good.

My brother is a very picky eater so we had the chicken alfredo, which is pretty good, too. Some restaurants can’t get white sauce pasta right and make it very watery and bland. I’m happy to report that I quite enjoyed this one. Of course, the risotto balls are always great.

When in doubt, go for the risotto balls.

Osaka Osho

Branch: 3F Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall

Links: FacebookZomatoMunchpunch

This was a really late Friday night dinner with a friend and the staff was so considerate and let us eat even if it was already 8 or 9 and the mall will be closing soon.

From what I understand, the matcha soba dish is seasonal/limited edition so my hedonistic stomach just had to order it. It’s really good, to be fair. Try the miso chicken, too! It’s crispy and the green sauce goes well with it.

I’ll try to eat there again soon so I can try their regular menu. But seriously, if you encounter special menu items and you’re adventurous enough, go order!

And that’s it for now! I’ll work on my July to September food post soon so I hope you’re interested in more.

I’m gonna go and find something to eat for lunch + dinner (linner? lunner? duncher? luncher?) now.

Thank you and smell ya later~!

4 thoughts on “Favorite Eats: April to June 2018

      1. Hmm…I would recommend Easy Tiger for Thai cuisine; their milk tea costs ₱80. 🙂 The Vietnamese stall I mentioned also has good spring rolls and banh mi.

        Those two are the ones I’ve tried so far at the Corner Market, though some people swear by Catch of the Day for their seafood fix.


      2. I’ll definitely try to come there again and try the stuff you mentioned! I’ve tried the drinks for Easy Tiger, now that I think about it.

        My previous boss would always have the prawns from Catch of The Day and I guess it’s very sulit!

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