Favorite Eats: January to March 2018

More food posts! More good grub! I probably gained weight again but who cares, FOOD. 2018 started out great for me – I visited new places and tried new stuff.

Here’s a quick post on my favorite eats from this quarter of 2018 (because I’ve been potato-ing recently):

Boulangerie22’s Red Velvet Frappé

Branch: SM San Lazaro

Links: Website, Facebook, IG, Twitter

I never was a frappé drinker because most frappés I encounter are coffee-based so the red velvet frappé is heaven-sent. I love red velvet so to have it in drink form, it’s great.

You would think it’ll taste pretty bland compared to the real thing, because how can you get the cream cheese taste right in a frappé?  There are some frappé stalls here that offer red velvet as a flavor but they’re not as good.

I honestly wish there’s a Boulangerie22 near where I work so I can have it from time to time.

I love it.

Uncle Fish Balls

Location: Reina Regente, Binondo

Links: Facebook, Zomato

I went here with my friends after our trip to Lucky Chinatown Mall (the place is just right across the mall) and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed the food. My total favorite is the mango egg waffle. It’s the first time I’ve ever had an egg waffle and I want to eat it everyday now.

Their lemon iced tea is so good, too. Not pictured here is their fried chicken, which we only ordered after we were nearly done eating. It would’ve totally bugged me if we didn’t try it.

Heads-up: If you read the Zomato reviews, they mention the less desirable state of their upstairs area with the holes in the ceiling and all. If that is a factor for you, I’d suggest steering clear for now. I think they’re fixing stuff? I don’t know. When we went, we were the first customers there and just picked the table a nicer spot. On the other hand, I can’t believe those reviewers went to a place called “Uncle FISH BALLS” and expected full meals. It’s there in the name.

That said, I don’t particularly care for what reviewers say because I’d rather let my own taste buds decide for me. I liked Uncle Fish Balls and will definitely go back.

Lolo Nonoy’s Food Station

Where: Coron, Palawan

Links: Facebook

Aaaah, Coron. My first plane ride going there, my first time far outside of Manila (I’m on an island outside of Manila when I haven’t even gone to Maginhawa St. yet!!!!!), and my first time eating tuna sisig. No kidding.

I’m not the biggest fan of sisig at all. Or maybe I’m just not a fan of the usual kind of sisig, like pork sisig. Tuna sisig totally rocks, though. The gambas is really good as well. A hint of spicy and not so sweet. I really dislike it when gambas tastes very sweet.

Other meals I had were the dinuguan and Bicol Express on our first day there and they were good, too. The dinuguan had a hint of sourness, like they used vinegar, and it works well. The Bicol Express packed heat but not so much that it kills the taste of the pork. It’s savory.

Chibo Okonomiyaki

Branch: The Podium

Links: FacebookZomato

I’ve wanted to eat here several times already but the timing just wasn’t right. The first few times I was with other people so I wasn’t able to try until this Wednesday.

I have no baseline on okonomiyaki for both the price and taste but I think the Mix Okonomiyaki (shrimp, squid and pork) dish I ordered was pretty good. Price-wise, probably not ideal for frequent meals.

One order can feed up to 2 people, though, so I guess it’s okay enough. If you can’t eat as much as I can, bring a friend with you and split the okonomiyaki.

I would’ve ordered a side dish and their blacmange dessert but I was worried about not finishing everything. Next time, definitely. Oh, and their iced tea is quite tasty, too.

I will try to drop by again and try the okonomiyaki with prawns soon. What can I say? Okonomiyaki is becoming one of my most favorites things to eat.

And that’s it for me! I have several other food posts on my IG but, suffice to say, some of those don’t really count as favorites.

If you have suggestions or favorite restaurants to recommend, please do share! I’m all ears!

Thank you, and smell ya later~!


6 thoughts on “Favorite Eats: January to March 2018

  1. Love this post!! Because food, heheh

    A lot of people don’t like sisig, I think. Do you not like it because it has a lot of fat? Or litid? Or both? XD I grew up in a Kapampangan household so I got used to eating sisig, haha. If the problem is fat and/or litid, maybe try crispy sisig next time!

    Okonomiyaki is one of my favorite Japanese food! Try going to Little Tokyo next time. There’s this place called Kagura that serves mainly okonomiyaki. Theirs is my fave 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hullo! Oh yes, food is life!

      It must because it’s fatty since I enjoyed the tuna sisig just fine. I’ll make sure to try crispy sisig, then. 😄

      Little Tokyo has been in my bucket list since forever huhuhuhu. One of these days!


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