2017 kpop picks: January to June

It’s almost the end of July. Can you hear me yelling? More than half of the year just gone! I don’t know about you guys but it feels like time is passing much faster these days. I have a theory that it’s due to me living in kpop time and kpop is a fast-paced entity. You know, since it’s something that’s been preoccupying my every waking moment. Cue nervous laughter.


I figured, since I try to keep up with new releases as much as I can, I ought to keep a list of which releases I liked the best. And well, here we are.

I promise it’s not all BTS (there’s only like 1 BTS song).

the list (also exists as aย Pinterest board):

collage 1
1.ย AOAExcuse Meย | 2.)ย DreamcatcherChase Me | 3.)ย SeohyunMagic |ย 4.) KARDDon’t Recall |ย 5.)ย BTSSpring Day | 6.)ย AKMULive | 7-9.)ย TaeyeonI Got Love, I’m OK, Love in Color | 10.) Mad Clown (ft. Suran)Love is a Dog from Hell
collage 2
11.)ย B.A.PWake Me Up | 12.) AshmuteScenery | 13.) GFRIENDFingertip | 14.) BTOBMovie | 15.) OohyoPizza | 16.) YeseoBe Sexual | 17.) EyediBest Mistake | 18.) IUThrough the Night
collage 3
19.) Cherry CokeLike I Do |ย 20.) SubinStrawberry | 21.)ย IUPalette | 22.)ย Soyou & BaekhyunRain | 23.)ย Code Kunst (ft. Lee Hi)X | 24.)ย SubinCircle’s Dream | 25.)ย DreamcatcherGood Night | 26.)ย WinnerReally Really
collage 4
27.)ย TENDream in a Dream | 28.)ย KARDRumor | 29. EXIDBoy |ย 30.)ย Chung Ha (ft. Nucksal)Why Don’t You Know | 31.)ย NCT 127Cherry Bomb | 32.)ย Jang Jin Young & The BarbarettesStranger’s Love | 33.)ย BoACamo | 34.) Crush (ft. Beenzino)Outside

I know there are a lot of good and worth-listening-to kpop songs out there that were released within the same time period but it’s pretty much close to impossible for me to listen to them, even less so know about them.

These songs are not in any particular order (the arrangement is mostly based on when I pinned these) and I do not claim to call them the best songs of 2017. I just so happened to like these songs a lot.

What are your top kpop songs from the first half of the year? I’m very much open to new songs and new artists so feel free to share them with me.

Smell ya later!

Credits: Most of the pictures used are screencaps from the MVs or teasers, except for a few (Seohyun, AKMU, Taeyeon, GFRIENDย & Yeseo).


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