Log: WYD, self? (July edition)

My life feels so stagnant again these days. I have nothing going on, social media isn’t going to distract me any further, and I am so bored. My baby demon cat is a blessing but even my child is not going to help with my listlessness.  Why, yes – I’m 25 and still very much a teenage drama queen.

With the siren call of quick entertainment as promised by Twitter and Youtube, I have not managed to make a dent on my to-[insert adjective here] lists. Too many lists, not enough doing. This is not a fun way to live. Engaging in internet drama (particularly of the fandom kind) and binge-watching Youtube videos is not the way to go but that was how I spent my time.  I am my own worst enemy.

Let’s call it quits, my drama queen self.


I want to get out of this dull headspace and continue living the geeky lifestyle I want so I’m going to take all of the lists and start crossing items off a few times a month. Gonna spruce up the ol’ blog a little bit with better content, too (I do know that my favorites posts count as cheating).

I’m thinking of writing about:

01. My selection of kpop music for the first half of the year – January to June

02. Trying to adult and being financially responsible (I’m still struggling with it but I need this in writing)

03. Watching Dark Matters on Youtube

04. Recommendations for Korean music variety shows

And while I’m at it, I’m going to put up some of my preloved items up on Carousell + get a move on with my to-do list:

01. Finally finishing Vampire Hunter D

02. Yuri on Ice (I’ve only seen episode 1 hahahahahahaha hu hu)

03. Catch up on Boku no Hero Academia

04. Watch Whip It! or Hard Candy

Okay, it might be a lot but I honestly don’t mind going through these bit by bit. I can realistically see myself finishing 2 of those blog posts, catching up on BNHA and watching either of those movies. And if things don’t work out that way, whether I do less or more, I’m not going to stress about it.

What’s important is the doing. I don’t want to be a square, yo.



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