Take me back!

The PCD is strong with this one.

In case it’s not obvious, I’m too far gone for BTS. I love those boys. They’re such beautiful and talented human beings, which is why I try to make it a point to see them whenever they come do a show.

As I’ve mentioned previously, I attended both days of the Wings Tour in Manila. I’m crazy, I know. You can judge me all you want but money spent on BTS is money well-spent (hahahahahaha /cries).

Unlike Epilogue, I didn’t avail of the Pulp Royalty package this time because I’d only have been able to attend 1 day if I did. I did get VIP seats (not the most expensive ones – I’m not that crazy), though. The view is decent enough and if it weren’t for my horrible phone camera, I’d have taken more pictures.

I really should’ve borrowed money from mom and gotten a new phone.

What’s good: BTS, obviously. 7 beautiful boys singing and dancing their hearts out on stage make for a great weekend. The fan chants are especially louder than Epilogue’s. I’m pretty sure even the boys are amazed. The fan service! J-Hope’s very existence!

What’s not: The scorching heat while I helped out with the fan projects I volunteered for. People being messy. The full-on Filipino translation used for one of the VCRs. Seriously, did they use Google Translate? They could’ve asked for a translation. I would’ve done one for free.

Set list:ย Some kind soul made a Spotify playlist for post-con jams. N.O to War of Hormone (skipped in Day 2) was performed as medley, fyi. I still mourn the lack of Whalien 52 and House of Cards.


01.ย Starting the day early at the venue was a first for me. I was technically late for hi-touch last year. Anyway, being early was needed since I was volunteering for @wonhaemanila and helping out with their fan projects.

Day 1:ย all volunteers helped out with distributing the colored plastic bags to be used for the Spring Day Ocean – alternating pink & green colors, depending on the section.

Day 2: we distributed banners with the tagline “์›ํ•ด๋งŽ์ด๋งˆ๋‹๋ผ”ย on it. I won’t be able to explain to you what it really means but it’s a pun on a line from Blood, Sweat & Tears.ย 

02.ย Meeting my mutuals andย fangirling together. Not sleeping right away after the day ended. Looking at fansite photos and dying over BTS. I really regret not taking any pictures with everyone.

03.ย J-Hope. That’s it.

04. My picture with my favorite duo.

05. My most favorite stages: Dope (J-Hoooooope), Lie, First Love (Day 1), Mama (J-Hoooooope), Cypher 4, 21st Century Girls, and Boy Meets Evil.

06.ย All of the fan projects actually happening. I’m quite amazed, frankly. Anyway, I have a personal investment in @wonhaemanila’s success since I helped out and all so imagine how happy I was when the Spring Day ocean came together and 2Seok (Jin & J-Hope) held the Wonhae banners.

And that’s about it! I’m so glad I got to see BTS again. They’re really great entertainers and they work hard. Can you believe they managed to promote in Japan for a bit in between the Manila and Hong Kong stops?

Hard workers, I tell you. I don’t know how they manage it. I can’t imagine all the pain and hardships the idol lifestyle dumps on them. I’m proud of them and asย much as I can, I want to keep supporting them.

Okay, I’ll stop being sappy now.

Smell ya later~



  1. You’re so lucky to be able to go on both days! I only got into BTS recently thanks to my sister who’s an Army, lol. Hopefully when they visit the PH again, I’ll be able to take both of us to their concert. *u*


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