Favorites: 03 + 04

Call this cheating but I swear, it’s been hard to keep up recently.

March has been a crazy month. And when I say crazy, I do mean CRAZY. A lot of the craziness is due to kpop and the whole mess that is Epilogue in Manila and now, Wings in Manila. I’m not going to go into detail about that but you can look up my March 2017 tweets and see what went down for yourself. I didn’t think that what is essentially a hobby can get me so pressed and salty over stuff.

April is going the same for me, except with a lot more Persona 5. I’m also working on something on the side right now.

I apologize for the lateness, haha.


01. More like PLANS to read stuff. I bought Han Kang’s The Vegetarian but it freaked me out so much at one point that I haven’t picked it up since then. I’m going to finish it this April, I swear.

02. G_the_G’s Avengers University is my current favorite fanfic series. I think I’ve mentioned that I’m trash for Darcy Lewis ship fics before. Yeah. So, this one features bearded professor Steve Rogers and grad student Darcy and I wish you could give kudos more than once in AO3. Sigh.

03. Seventy-One by Anogete. It’s a slow burn Bucky-Darcy multi-chapter, which always makes me happy.


01. I’ve started a board on Pinterest to keep track of 2017 kpop tracks that I’m into. Will get into them in another post by month or by quarter but I still need to backtrack and check out new releases I might’ve missed.

favorite kpop

02. My love for Yoongi and Hoseok cannot be contained. Yup.

03. Jungkook’s musical tastes is more my style, as proven by his Spotify playlist. The boy has Like A Star on it. No doubt he is my son.

04. EXID’s new stuff, especially BoyBoy is a jam.

05. The Classical Musicians React series by ReacttotheK is my new favorite Youtube react account. I don’t know anything about music terminology and technicalities but I love hearing them explain what makes the song work or not.

Game bits

PERSONA 5, yeah baby! I got it last April 4 and I’ve logged around 50 hours of gameplay already. I was cooing over every little detail and just plain geeking out – my brother told me it was a bit creepy to hear late at night. Well, I’m sorry. Or not, haha.

Twitter things

01. I’ve come to like Twitter’s Moments function once I got the hang of it. It’s more convenient than making threads and keeping those up-to-date. Really, really handy since I don’t have the Pinterest app on my phone because of lack of space.

02. My favorite Moment right now is my favorite twitter art one. People are so talented.

03. I haven’t made much use of my save for later one but it’s intended for stuff that I come across while at the office and I can’t get into them right away.

twitter moments

Looking forward to

My boys coming back here for a concert. Only 18 days left.


I’ve mentioned about that the management of their last tour and this one is a mess but I’m really looking forward to seeing them again.

And before you all ask: YES, I’M ATTENDING BOTH DAYS. Feel free to judge me, haha.

I can’t believe it’s almost May. A bit more and it’ll be June – half of the year already!

P.S. The Persona 5 image I used as my header is from Atlus.


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