Log: Hello, birthday!

I turned 25 years old recently. Yep. Had a lot of time to think about stuff since I was on sick leave at the time of my birthday. A lot of “what am I doing with my life” kind of stuff.

I’m just not very good at keeping up with things. No, I don’t mean this blog – I feel like I’m doing fairly well with the blog since my goal is to just keep it up to date from time to time. What I meant was following through on my goals.

At the start of the year, I made and tweeted a list of “2017 thingies” on a whim. The list isn’t anything special and groundbreaking in my case. Think of it as my “how to be a happy trooper this 2017” list:

Do what makes me happy

Be more aesthetic and neat with my things

Keep a journal / blog and update regularly

Take more photos and videos for memory-keeping

Skincare > makeup

 Concerts and live shows > merchandise / collectibles

✿ Watch more cute shows and read more cute manga

✿ Be a nicer person

✿ Start and finish more drawings

✿ Go on a solo day trip

✿ Finally study Korean properly

✿ Create something

✿ Support / start more fan projects

✿ Earn more money / spend less

Simple, right? I’ve figured I’m not the kind of person built for grand goals and big projects (even if I still might attempt those from time to time) and I just want a decent existence this year. As for how I’m doing, I’ll score myself with a vague waving of hands and a so-so. Not too bad and not too good. I know I should be trying harder and I’ll try.

I’ll try to work on improving myself a bit more. Get back to drawing and reading. Try to create something – my long-time goal of creating a 4koma series should be a good place to start. New mantra to myself as well: your Wacom tablet not working properly is just an excuse.

Oh yeah, I’m going to add one more item: live more offline. While I love everyone I’ve come to know and interact with on social media, I’ve been spending far too much time online. Time spent trolling Youtube for kpop-related videos could’ve been time spent working on a goal. It’ll probably take some time getting used to but I need to start to get somewhere.

Well, I think that’s about it for now.

Expect more logs from me as I try to keep my life in order, hehe.


8 thoughts on “Log: Hello, birthday!

  1. Happy birthday! Don’t worry if you think that you’re not quite reaching your goals. If you’re doing something to achieve it, then you should be proud that you’re making an effort. There’s no need to rush. 😉


    1. Hello! Thank you! ^^

      I guess I was feeling too down in the dumps during my birthday – I’m 25, what have I been doing with my life? Then again, just being is a good accomplishment in itself. Being me, doing things.

      And thank you really, sometimes I get too caught up in checklists and people envy that I forget myself.


  2. Made me think what I really want to do right now and I’m older than you so I’m struggling. It’s good you have this goals as of that age~ I should start something as well but still a question to me 😦 Belated Happy Birthday! 😀


  3. Belated happy birthday! I’m glad that you intend so many things to make you happy now that you’re 25. I’m also trying to keep a journal, spend less, and invest on skincare rather than makeup.
    Here’s to better days ahead!


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