First Love Party: 170305

“What’s this party thing?”, you might be asking. In kpop, it’s part of the fandom culture to celebrate your faves’ milestones, like birthdays, anniversary dates and achievements. It might seem weird but it’s a great avenue for fans to stay involved and openly express their appreciation for their favorites.

First Love Party is mini-fan gathering of sorts, hosted by PH-based Suga twitter fansites (Suga_PH, SweetestxInvasion, AGUSTD_PH & ARMY Box) to celebrate Suga’s birthday (he’s a March 9 baby so it really had to be the weekend before). I love fan gatherings because it’s a great way to meet fellow fans and interact with everyone you only know on Twitter. And well, Suga is my favorite BTS member so once they released the sign-up form, I hopped on that train so fast.

Did you think I was kidding?

I’ve been to a fan gathering before – it was a joint birthday celebration for J-Hope (February 18) and Suga – and, while that one was good as well, I really enjoyed First Love Party. Of course, it helps that I know the fansites involved (I love ya, guys~) and a whole bunch of people there but there’s something about a more intimate setting that I really appreciate more.

I had a lot of fun and I think it’s kind of nice being a part of the older portion of the fandom. However, there were kids at least 10 years younger than me in attendance and I dunno how to feel about that (hahahahahahahahuhu).

Anyway, some highlights of the gatherings~

01. I got lost on my way to the venue. If there’s any doubt that I’m a dunce, there you have it. My cousin already explained the route to me and I thought I could navigate my way just fine. I arrived a bit late and a bit annoyed at myself. I should’ve taken that Uber ride, haha.

02. The amount of work put in to decorate the place and prepare the party. T’was a simple affair but the decor was so pretty and I had fun with the games. Tita game was strong.


03. THE CAKE WAS ADORABLE AND IT WAS NOT A LIE. And when we all hunkered around the cake to sing the Happy Birthday song, so much fun!

It’s adorable, huhu.

04. Lastly, I’m really happy about the freebies. They were way beyond what I’ve expected and the thing is – the organizers didn’t need to be that generous. I got a lot. Like, A LOT.

The freebies in their pretty packaging!
A lot of fanart by ARMY Box! I did promise I’ll make a scrapbook – I just need a good notebook.
Holy photocards! Also, the group postcard + the Agust D mixtape. I’m in tears.

And that’s it! I swear kpop fans are some of the best people I know. There’s a certain joy, energy and sense of belonging in being a fandom. You just need to find your crowd.

I’m really looking forward to another fan gathering in the future. I’m also hoping to meet everyone again, one way or another. Hopefully, there’s a gathering before or after the Wings concert in May.


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