One K Global Peace Concert: 170302

I still can’t believe March 2 came and went by so fast that I’m already ticking another item off my happenings list. One K Global Peace Concert was so much fun and it’s such a great feeling to have helped a good cause. I love music and if music is the way to unity between the two Koreas and the world at large, sign me up!

My concert buddies and I got General Ad tickets this time (all my regrets but it’s hard to earn money hahahahaha) so we were all the way up  – I don’t have great shots this time because my phone is shoddy (hahahahahaha).

All of the lights~

What’s good: 7 groups and 22 songs + special stages + the One Dream One Korea theme song. Seeing SHINee live for the first time ever and OT5 at that! The fan chants! All the colorful light sticks! CNBLUE’s Yonghwa being an absolute flirt!  AOA’s PARK JIMIN! One K Concert being tons better compared to MBC Show Champion, imho.

What’s not: The show on a Thursday night starting and ending late. If you’re going to do a weekday show, please be considerate of your audience, which was mostly students and office workers.

Set list: Scout Mag PH made a Spotify playlist of the songs that were performed by all the guest artists, in case you were curious.


01. Arriving at MOA Arena just in time to see dark-tinted vans/buses trying to navigate their way through a crowd of hyped fangirls. Only Psy was brave enough to leave riding a sedan with non-tinted windows, hehe.

Why are the Korean security people kinda cute, too?

02. The One K Global Peace campaign people releasing white dove balloons into the air as part of the opening. It was a great moment!

03. SHINee’s Minho co-hosting with AOA’s Seolhyun and being our gauge for when SHINee will come out on stage: “Oh, Minho is still dressed in his hosting clothes? Not SHINee’s turn, then.” and “Seolhyun’s the only one hosting, OMG!

04. As I’ve mentioned, the fan chanting/screaming was crazy. Imagine an entire arena of fans shouting as one and the volume hardly going down. Just pure energy and love for everyone performing. CRAZY.

05. There were 2 special stages during the concert. My favorite is the one where they presented the theme songs of the “Philippine’s Top Dramas” – namely, Descendants of the Sun, Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, and Boys Over Flowers (seriously though????). AOA’s Choa sang the DOTS theme song, B1A4’s Sandeul sang the one for Moonlight, and 2 guys from B.A.P. sang the one for BoF.

06. SHINee setting the stage on fire with their dance moves. Taemin dancing is a sight to behold. Also, SHINee and PH Shawols having their moment.

My buddies and I were actually at the Shawol block seating so we had the hand banners and light sticks. It was so cute to see SHINee point out all the Shawols and dance along to when everyone was shouting, “SHINee! SHINee! SHINee!”

07. I am in love with AOA’s Park Jimin and BTOB’s Changsub. I kind of just want to stare at Jimin all the day. I’m going to marry Changsub one of these days. That’s how smitten I am.

08. Proper closure! After singing One Dream One Korea, everyone took the time to wave goodbye to everyone – all thanks to CNBLUE’s Yonghwa. Thank you, Yonghwa, for being such a flirt and giving us the show ending we deserve.

And that’s it for my recap of the One K Global Peace Concert. I should be getting ready for SUGA_PH’s First Love Party later to celebrate Suga’s party with all the Suga enthusiasts – I’ll try to write about it as soon as I get home.

Smell ya later!



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