favorites: 02

It’ll be March next week (yayyyy, birthday month)! February has been kind of fun and hectic but I’m so ready to say goodbye to it because of all the plans I have lined up for March.


01. Played catch-up and read a whole bunch of manga the past few weekends:

Sekine-kun no Koi is a good slow-burn romance read and it’s funny reading about adults floundering their way through the process of loving someone.

I’ve had trouble keeping up with Bungou Stray Dogs because I can read a lot in just one sitting so I had to let the chapters pile up. The last arc was pretty great.

If you’re into the zombie genre and enjoy high school students being badass, read Apocalypse no Toride. It’s an intense read. The last few chapters were holy crap.

Mousou Telepathy is hilarious and I feel for the girl MC. If I can read people’s thoughts, I’d probably end up such a straight man as well.

02. Added some books to my Google Play Store wishlist. I’ll get them when my funds recuperate by the second half of the year, hopefully.

Uglies, Never Let Me Go & The Vegetarian


01. My BTS babies came back with Spring Day and Not Today from the You Never Walk Alone repackage. Yes, Big Hit. I am calling it a repackage. R-E-P-A-C-K-A-G-E. REPACKAGE.

A lot of shit went down at the same time but my boys are doing great. Anyway, Spring Day is my favorite. Mom called it Korean New Wave and it fits but I don’t care. AND they’ll be back here in Manila on May 6-7. It’s okay, I love pain.

02. DSP’s new co-ed group, K.A.R.D., continues to slay with their pre-debut tracks. Their recent release is soooooo good. I kinda thought Oh Nana was the better song at first but Don’t Recall now rules my playlist. It’s such a sexy jam.

kpop but not really

01. The urge to share my Valentine greetings to my Twitter feed is strong so forgive me.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

02. This video.

game bits

01. I pre-ordered Persona 5 yesterday. I AM SO HYPED.

02. Cycled through some games for a while: played a lot of Soda Dungeon, some Tokyo 2048 and 1010 Block. Quit the first one after reaching Dimension 3 and quit the last two after setting high scores I won’t be able to beat anymore because I suck at games.

Soda Dungeon is very self-explanatory.
It is also the kind of game where you fight skeleton bros with pimping maracas for power and glory.


My talent: spending money.


Stylenanda clothing. Nothing more, nothing less. I have heart eyes, motherfucker.

looking forward to

What I’ve got lined up this March: One K Global Peace concert (Mar. 2), First Love Party to celebrate Suga’s birthday by SUGA_PH (Mar. 5), office team building (Mar. 11-12), and pet cafe outing with friends to celebrate my Mar. 13 birthday (Mar. 19).

I hope March will be awesome for you, too!


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