Wicked in Manila: 170205

Wicked is wickedly awesome! ;D

I’ve grown to have a real liking for musical theater in my teens but have only started seeing them live last year when mom and I went to see Les Misérables (a great live musical introduction!). Honestly, I thought it’d be a one time thing BUT I GUESS NOT.

We’ve had the tickets to Wicked since August or September last year and the wait time got me really antsy for this. I can’t believe it’s now over. I wish I could go again, I sincerely do. Wicked is great entertainment.

Musical theater, for me, is fun, colorful, vibrant and wonderful. Wicked is that and more. It’s a coming of age story. It’s a story about relationships, of grey areas, being you and empowerment. The message that Wicked delivers hit me hard. Elphaba’s story is my story. Glinda’s story is my story. It’s hard not to identify with them because their wants, fears and insecurities may very well be your own.

Who doesn’t want to feel validated, to be loved and wanted for who you are? Do you stay true to yourself? Do you compromise and change to be accepted?

I’m sure everyone has had these thoughts every now and then. Sometimes, you have a Glinda or a Fiyero in your life. Sometimes, you don’t. Life is kind of hard to navigate when it’s just you. People need people to grow.

And yeah. Okay, so I’m getting sappy. You don’t need to know how I snot-cried over For Good at the theater. Forget that I mentioned it. Wait, you know what? FOR GOOD IS THE BEST SONG. Sure, Defying Gravity is iconic (Jacqueline Hughes has vocals for days!), Popular is perfection and No Good Deed is amazing but For Good is THE SONG. You can fight me on this.

Elphaba and Glinda gave me so much feels. Some of them good feels, most of them ow-my-heart feels. For Good delivered so much of the latter. I’m actually listening to it right now as I am writing this (no ugly crying yet).

I’m just so into Wicked right now. Go watch it if you have the time! I heard the Manila run is extended until March 12.

Go see it!

My birthday’s on March 13 so I might try to give it another go as a birthday gift to myself.


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