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Before I got started down the rabbit hole of kpop albums and merchandise, I’ve been slowly building on my collection of manga & graphic novels. No big hauls or anything, just a volume every now and then. I admit I feel a bit sad but I can’t support my kpop habit and this one at the same time (on that, I haven’t bought a video game in months *cry*).

In memory remembrance of the hobby that I have before BTS ended it, my budding collection of manga & more – let me show you it!

Let’s go with the light novel that started it all:

20170204_162114 (1).jpg
Death Note: Another Note: The Los Angeles BB Murder Cases

This was gifted to me by my uncle from the US (many thanks!). I guess you can consider it a Death Note AU since the storyline verges away from the main Death Note timeline. It’s a recounting of one of L’s older cases, as told to us by Mello – this is pretty clever since it keeps the language and tone true to light novel tradition. I won’t go into the story much since I think Another Note is worth reading.

The book is a pretty thing to have on your bookshelf, to boot. The Death Note label and the logo illustration thingy on the cover do reflect light.

It also includes chapter art pages by the great Takeshi Obata!

I’ve lost count of how much I’ve re-read this light novel – I am much in love with Death Note and this is a great extension to the original story. It has its flaws but it’s an engaging series.

Ristorante Paradiso

Okay, up next is my most favorite slice of life ever, Rispara. Most favorite is the right word. It’s short but brimmed with goodness. The hot, older gentlemen are the cherry on top. No, there is no harem in this. Inside my head, sure.

I first encountered Rispara the anime on the interwebs in college (maybe?) and really liked the whole coming-into-your-own thing going for Nicoletta. Her relationship with her mom also had me thinking about my own relationship with my mom. This is the aspect that I really like about slice-of-life stories – they make you think about your life.

This picture represents the two things I like best about Rispara, tbh.

There’s a continuation of Rispara called Gente but I haven’t gotten around to buying vol. 1 (there are 3 volumes in total). Gente  is more of a prequel and gives more background on the men in the story. We’ll see if I get to read it. *side-eyes BTS*

Vampire Hunter D, Vol. 1

I bought Vampire Hunter D on a whim, to be honest. I get antsy when I don’t have something new in my hands. It’s a bad urge that needs to be worked out of my system. Today is not that day, unfortunately.

D is a badass. That is all I have to say. Granted, I haven’t finished reading the book and it’s been months (IG tells me I’ve had it 2 years already ahahahahahaha). It’s a serious read and I’ve mentioned something about my attention span before, me thinks.

One of these days, I’ll finish reading the book. Today is not that day.

Start With A Happy Ending

I ordered this with Vampire Hunter D and this one’s a much more light-hearted read. You can easily read this in a day. It reads like a manga for children but I have no clue how the language is in Japanese and if it comes with the furigana guide on top.

Basically, I got Start With A Happy Ending because it has cats in it. That is all.

Yowamushi Pedal Omnibus, vol. 1

This needs to be said: I live for sports manga. They’re fun and fast-paced. Stories about underdogs and working hard to make your way to the top are a-okay with me (except The New Prince of Tennis – that series can go burn for all I care).

As you can see on the cover, YowaPeda is all about high school road racing. Competitive cycling? Yeah, that. I know nothing about road racing and I haven’t ridden a bike in years but it’s great. I cried a lot during key moments. It’s great.

The omnibus is thicker than I’ve expected and totally worth the money I’ve spent on it. I mean, look at that cover. It has my cute son, Onoda, on it.

Look at him!

The omnibus also includes 2 full-color pages so I’m quite happy about that.


I have no idea when I’ll get the other available volumes because there are like 3 more released by Yen Press and I’m poor. Oh well~


Here we have it, the holy grail of my collection. Such beauty, such grace. The art book for PSP game legend, Danganronpa. I almost had a heart attack when I came across this. I didn’t even care that I was close to having no money for food for the rest of the month at the time.

Danganronpa is a great game. If you’ve only just experienced it through the anime, you’re missing out on a lot. I don’t know how to even start explaining the story so I’ll just gush about the art. The art is seriously my most favorite aspect of this game. How do I even start?


The colors and the lines are just so lush and vivid. The visual cut scenes in-game are amazing. To have all that in one book and to have that book in my hands = 10/10.

And that’s pretty much it for my collection right now. Five books is not so bad. I still do collect Western graphic novels and comic books. That and my wallet is left bankrupt by kpop all the time.

If you’re interested in buying and collecting manga, light novels and art books, it’s really easy now to source your stuff:

  • Ristorante Paradiso came from the Filbar’s branch in Market! Market!
  • Vampire Hunter D and Start With A Happy Ending were ordered from Eiwa Manga Store. They get their stock directly from Japan so you need to be patient.
  • Yowamushi Pedal is from Fullybooked. If you’re unsure if they carry a series, just send them a message on Facebook. The staff responds quickly and are very accommodating.
  • The art book was from a stall at Cosplay Mania last year. I forgot which exhibitor it was but they had a lot of art books and magazines. I remember seeing Hetalia stuff and a Gensoumaden Saiyuki art book.

You just need to keep an eye out and have your funds on the ready. Be patient. Oh, and be responsible. Don’t be like me, hahahaha.

Happy hunting!


5 thoughts on “collection: my manga & more

  1. I LOVE DN:AN!!! I’ve read that thru e-book only but I was so hooked! I actually don’t read a lot of novels but this one really caught my interest ❤ I wish they could turn this as well to a movie OR not? XD hehehe~

    if given a chance to do a manga collections, I'll probably just collect Yaoi stuff manga/manwhas but I caaaannnttt! AHAHAHAHA! But someday! 😀 HAHAHAHA!


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