Favorites: 01

tend to have a short attention span so I switch tracks fast. Tweeting is also not the best way to keep track of things, as I’ve discovered. If tweeting is a sport, I’d have won several gold medals already. I’m that good.

And so, here we are. I thought it’d be a nice thing to do for my internal memory shortage to catalog my favorite things as they come and go. I came across some pretty nifty stuff recently so right now’s a good time to start.


I’m into webtoons big time. They’re like manga, except not. Webtoons don’t follow comic/manga conventions and you scroll down to read them. LINE has a cute Webtoon app for Android or you can visit their site (whatever floats your boat) to check that out.

Okay, anyway, I’ve been binge-reading Miss Abbott and the Doctor and Super Secret. They’re just light, cute stories that don’t take up too much brain processing power and don’t leave you hanging (I’M LOOKING AT YOU, ONE PIECE).

Besides my webtoon habit, I’m still going through the Darcy Lewis tag on AO3. I latch on to characters that are sassy and motor-mouthed, no matter how one-timer they are. Yes, judge me all you want I can’t hear you but listen to me. Do yourselves a favor and catch up on the entirety of Run ‘Verse by monkeycabal. It’s a well-done what if? on the Marvel movie-verse so if you’re into that and you don’t mind shipping, go read it!

 Actual kpop

Like I’m not going to be talking about kpop. Kpop is on my brain 24/7. My tweets are all about kpop. It’s a thing that defines me. Me = kpop nerd.

Anyway, this kpop nerd discovered a new rookie girl group yesterday evening! I totes tweeted about them, too!

Media Tweets by catacatacaka (@catacatacaka) Twitter - Google Chrome.png

Dreamcatcher, as I understand it, is from the same company as Dal Shabet. If you consider their song and MV, I’m sure you’d doubt me but check the channel. A far cry from Dal Shabet’s music but this sound is so rare in girl group kpop, I’m amazed. The guitars rifts alone! I hope they get a decent following so we can see more of them in the scene.

Kpop but not really

Do Ji Han is a total hottie. Prime babe status. He plays Ban Ryu in Hwarang (which I am not watching right now because I’m a lazy bum). He’s great at looking like a snob asshole. Oh, did I mention that he’s a total hottie?

Look at him.

His side profile kills me.


Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo is cute guy central but I’d totally marry Kim Bok Joo in a heartbeat if I could. Sure, I might try to hit her to knock some sense into her but I digress. Lee Sung Kyung is gorgeous. I’m only on episode 9, I think. Either way, it’s such a fluffy watch and Soompi said it best – it’s a very relatable show.

Just look at them!

If you haven’t seen it, or you’re busy watching Goblin (spare yourself the headache), watch Bok Joo now. Chop, chop!

Lastly, how can I forget Knowing Brother? I started watching bits and pieces of the show for Kim Heechul but I ended up hooked. Everyone on that show is hilarious and  I can’t wait for subs for the earlier episodes. Also, Min Kyung Hoon is adorable.

If you’re in need of a good laugh, just look up any Knowing Brother cuts or compilation videos on Youtube.

For starters, here are some of my favorites:

Have a good time!

Images: LINE Webtoon app | Do Ji Han | Kim Bok Joo 1, 2


6 thoughts on “Favorites: 01

  1. Hi Mylaine! I up-ed your link on my blog! 😀
    I’ve been reading a lot of manwhas/webtoon as well but the genres yaoi/shounen ai XD
    Are you using Lehzin too?

    We all know we breathe kpop so no question for that XD
    I haven’t watched WFKBJ yet, still into Goblin 🙂 Maybe after 😀


    1. Hullo! I just got around to installing WP app on my phone, sorry!

      No, I haven’t used Lehzin yet. I’ve only used the Naver one and Tapastic.

      I got bored with Goblin and still haven’t finished WFKBJ. ;__;


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