Log: Hello, January!

Ongoing: Planning for world domination (and setting myself up for failure).

Can you believe we’re already at 7 days into 2017? I’m still in the process of internalizing that it’s a new year already – it doesn’t feel real enough yet. Yes, I went back to work and life returned to normal after my long weekend but it feels like I’ve just spent a normal week. There’s noΒ excitement.

Oh, I have plans. A lot of plans. All of the plans. There’s just no sensation ofΒ new-ness. It really doesn’t matter, though, as I plan to make my 2017 as eventful as the later half of my 2016 had been.

Zing feeling or not, I want 2017 to be fun. I want to make memories and be able to go back, keep track.

For starters, I’ve decided to take more pictures and videos and share them on social media. I’m not the most diligent of people so any form of analog memory-keeping (whether a diary or a scrapbook) is an exercise in futility and a waste of paper no matter how much I want to. I have romantic dreams over keeping a beautiful scrapbook but it’s not for me.

Anyway, looking at my collection of pics on Google Photos, I think I did a decent job in keeping track of my first week after my staycation weekend. My IG Stories uploads are in whack order, though.



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Photos are from my IG and IG stories.


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