MBC Show Champion in Manila 160903

The BTS experience twice in a year, I am living.

I’ve also posted this on Tumblr first but I figured I might as well share all the major occasions of my life last year here.

Lo and behold, more fangirling and feels – this time in several bullet points!


Aaaah, MBC Show Champion – so soon after Epilogue but worth it. I got to see 9 groups perform live and Kim Shin Young unnie, who has been my forever fave comedian ever since Invincible Youth (god, I miss that show).

I was up on the Upper Box area this time (stupid me thought we got Gen Ad tickets) and this had me deciding that I’ll have to get at least Lower Box tickets next time if I can’t afford VIP Standing again, haha.

What’s good: 9 groups and 26 songs, all in all. As I’ve mentioned on Twitter, I came for BTS, Gu9udan, Sonamoo, AOA and Heechul but got dragged into the ASTRO, Ravi and Jongup lanes. Everyone did great but there’s just no way of knowing when and how the feels will get to you – ASTRO’s cuteness, Ravi’s face and Jongup’s muscles spoke to me, haha.

What’s not: All Access Productions and their slip-ups in managing the show – from  late announcements to not coordinating Sound Check and Press Con access well (which left a lot of VIP ticket holders grumbling) to the messy lineup for entrance. To everyone who thought AAP did a better job than Pulp did with Epilogue, have a second think.


  • Heechul and Kim Shin Young dancing around when they’re on stage during performances.
  • Baby Sejeong in the flesh. Cute, cute cutie.
  • Wonderland and Diary are such nice songs.
  • KNK in their white suits. Wowza.
  • ASTRO’s cute songs and the Pak Ganern bit during their intro.
  • Sonamoo’s live vocals – those high notes!
  • I enjoyed Sonamoo’s second song a lot but I don’t know what it’s called, I’m crying.
  • M&D performing Rokugo. Heenim, you can’t expect me to remember the lyrics after all this time.
  • Heechul mentioning Super Show 7 twice. Such a boss.
  • Park Jimin’s face and Seolhyun’s tanned skin.
  • Seeing Like a Cat live. Everyone went crazy for it.
  • Ravi’s hair. Ravi’s face. RAVI.
  • I kid, Fantasy was so good. I think I might listen to VIXX regularly now.
  • Jongup’s biceps and triceps.
  • BTS delivering, even if they were so tired (especially poor V).
  • Hoseok and his extra-ness – I hope he saw the J-HOPE banner by some kind souls in UB.
  • All the VCRs congratulating Show Champion for the 200th episode and everyone going crazy each time.
  • Everyone in the audience chanting, cheering and screaming for all the groups. If you see people claiming otherwise, they’re speaking of lies, fairy tales and fallacies.
  • MBC production crew being clever with the camera angles because the concert venue was not at all full.
  • The show ending abruptly after BTS was done and leaving everyone clueless, haha. Have a translator next time, please.

And that’s about it for Show Champion! On to saving money for the next show (this is such a lie)!

Photos are from my IG.


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