Favorites: 01

I thought it'd be a nice thing to do for my internal memory shortage to catalog my favorite things as they come and go. I came across some pretty nifty stuff recently so right now's a good time to start.


backlog: 2015 kpop playlists

Ever since I got introduced to the wonderful world of playlists, I've started making kpop centric ones since July 2015. I like the process of mixing and matching songs to fit the vibe/theme you're going for. I don't enjoy losing sleep over it but it's hard to stop once you've started. I'm sure I don't … Continue reading backlog: 2015 kpop playlists

PTX World Tour in Manila 160925

I went with my friends to see Pentatonix last night and it was such a good show! Everyone in the group is seriously talented - if being able to do a two-hour show with just a capella isnโ€™t talent, I donโ€™t know what is. Just, pro-tip to self: if you donโ€™t want to deal with … Continue reading PTX World Tour in Manila 160925

AsiaPOP Comicon 160826-160828

I was a volunteer crew member for the con! It was hard work but rewarding and I had plenty of fun. Highlights: My haul of art prints - check out the WTNV prints and my Robin boyfriends! Assisting for Hall Mโ€™s Marvel Showcase and getting one of the exclusive Hall M prints they gave to … Continue reading AsiaPOP Comicon 160826-160828

MBC Show Champion in Manila 160903

I've also posted this on Tumblr first but I figured I might as well share all the major occasions of my life last year here. Lo and behold, more fangirling and feels - this time in several bullet points! Aaaah, MBC Show Champion - so soon after Epilogue but worth it. I got to see … Continue reading MBC Show Champion in Manila 160903

ํ™”์–‘์—ฐํ™” ON STAGE: EPILOGUE IN MANILA 160730

I've already shared this on my Tumblr before but Epilogue in Manila was really something special and, as my first concert ever, is now dear to my heart that I also want itย here, in my newย space. Beware of a massive flood of feels and sentimental litanies. This was my first everย concert! Iโ€™m really glad I … Continue reading ํ™”์–‘์—ฐํ™” ON STAGE: EPILOGUE IN MANILA 160730