currently: February

[February is the month where I discovered I'm really into egg waffles.] A summary of February = it happened. No, really.ย  Now, it's just gone. It came and went. My bingo card is slightly fuller by 1 circle, in other news: I'm gonna do better this March. Much, much better... Maybe? Hopefully? Note: I'll be … Continue reading currently: February


2017 kpop picks: July to December

Better late than never! [bangs on pans] I'll be honest: I forgot all about this until I started pinning 2018 songs. Kpop time moves too fast. My July to December 2017 board has a total of 46 pins and that's just the tip of the ice berg - let's not forget to factor in that … Continue reading 2017 kpop picks: July to December

Don Quixote: 180211

Aaaah, my first ballet! It was a toss-up between getting tickets to see Don Quixote and Kinky Boots but mom and I have never been to a ballet before. We already missed out on La Luna Roja (thanks to our work schedules) and we didn't want to miss out on another show. I'm so glad … Continue reading Don Quixote: 180211

playlist no. 2: musical faves

to you -ย may today gift you with something you'll come to enjoy, may it become a piece of who you are, something to learn about the puzzle that is you spotify: link One thing about me: I am very, very fond of musical theater and films. It might be kind of old-school or you'd … Continue reading playlist no. 2: musical faves

currently: January

(Oprah voice: You get a cat photo! Everyone gets a cat photo!) First month of the year = done! Can you believe it? My brain functions on office time and thinks time is passing by too fast. Interestingly enough, the rest of the world thinks differently - according to Twitter. Still, I did pretty okay … Continue reading currently: January

Favorite Eats: 2017 Edition

The extent of my adventurous spirit mostly exhibits itself as my hobby of trying out new restaurants/food. My palate is one of the things that make me feel really happy about myself. You can say that itโ€™s something Iโ€™m steadily growing. Itโ€™s an exercise in acceptance (or even tolerance). Itโ€™s also an exercise in knowing … Continue reading Favorite Eats: 2017 Edition

playlist no. 1: beautiful, my secret garden

to you - may today be a breath of fresh air, a sigh of a growing quiet in your heart, peace in heart and mind, may you bloom like a flower, please keep growing beautiful I hope you like this small collection of songs. It's all mostly girl groups (with a stray Doyoung) because kpop … Continue reading playlist no. 1: beautiful, my secret garden

What’s in a kpop hoard? (December 2017 edition)

Aaaahhhhh, I can't believe the last kpop hoard post I did was in Augustย and I may have just jinxed myself with it. I mentioned getting my BTS Summer Package and Dreamcatcher's mini last time but there had been a Customs fiasco and my DC mini-album is still trapped there. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Note:ย If you like buying kpop … Continue reading What’s in a kpop hoard? (December 2017 edition)

fanart diary: picking up old hobbies

I used to be really into drawing, especially when I was still in school, and I have boxes and envelopes of scraps of all the paper I've ever doodled on. Once I started working, the last instance I ever drew for a significant amount of time was Inktober 2015. After that, nothing. A few bits … Continue reading fanart diary: picking up old hobbies