stay-at-home preoccupations

How's it going? I hope you're all doing fine. My family and I are doing okay over here, for the most part. Quarantine has been extended to the end of April, it's worrying but there's not much that can be done about it. When I'm not working, I either help clean the house or fill … Continue reading stay-at-home preoccupations

quick quarantine log

Hello, how's it going? I'm doing kind of okay. Our community quarantine started last March 15th and I have not gone outside of the house since then. We're just lucky that everyone in the family can work from home. It's rough-going around here (and I am not in the best of mental states), but we're … Continue reading quick quarantine log

Drum Tao: Rhythm of Tribe (Sep. 8, 2019)

Drum Tao (or, according to Wikipedia, just TAO) is a Japanese drum and dance group composed of extremely talented individuals who give spectacular performances with traditional Japanese instruments, like taiko drums, shamisen, and more. You can find out about the group more by visiting their official website and Youtube channel. They've been to the Philippines … Continue reading Drum Tao: Rhythm of Tribe (Sep. 8, 2019)